Promo Special Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Do I Take Advantage Of The Juneteenth Story Post Promo Special?

Well that's simple, first pay $5, second DM your content and tag to @mcshakielive on Instagram along with a screenshot that you have paid and then your post will be posted within an hour.  This is for a story post only for a page post please see our standard promo rates!

2.  How do I pay?

That's easy too!  Shakie takes all forms of direct payments listed here:  


Cash App: ($mcshakie)$mcshakie

Venmo: (@mcshakielive)

Paypal (mcshakielive@gmail.com

Zelle (

Apple Cash (






If you don't have any of these Shakie can accept major credit cards as well.

3. How long does the post stay up?

Your Post Will Stay Up the total 24 Hours Instagram Allows

4. Can Shakie Write My Caption or tags?

Nope, Shakie does not write captions.  But he gives the following advice, the captions should say something simple about your business and the post and direct people to get more information and it should include your IG username.  If you have a website Shakie can link that with a swipe up at no additional cost!

5. Is there a limit to the post?

Yes, Instagram limits video story posts to 15 seconds, if you want more than that you will have to pay for another spot.  Instagram also limits the pictures to one per story.  These are not my limits they are Instagrams!

6. What should I do to maximize the exposure I get?

Well you just got your brand posted to a high traffic verified page for $8, talk about it on your own page!  That brings engagement! Meaning place your ad from Shakie's page in your stories, or offer a special for people taking advantage of the post are always good ways to maximize this.

You can also watch this video which has some good tips about making an eye popping post and what products and services work best with the Sippers.


7.  What are your normal rates?  

Shakie usually charges $50 per post Standard Promo Rates , and does not do promo specials often.   The last promo special Shakie offered was in January of 2020 and he does not plan to offer another one until his birthday in late November.  For $5 you should Take advantage now!